Kiteboarding Lessons

We're stoked you're interested in learning how to kitesurf!

Check out some of our favorite Bay Area Schools to get your progression started:

A few things to consider:

  • Dialing in your kite handling skills with a trainer kite BEFORE your lesson will help you progression IMMENSELY -- its like learning how to ride the horse before playing a game of polo. The more time you spend dialing in technique and getting rid of bad habits will ensure a much more fruitful kite lesson. We sell trainer kites that are loads of fun and useful after you've transitioned into a full-size kitesurfer.
  • The wind is a fickle creature. Patience is the key here. The conditions will not always cooperate so be sure to set your level of expectations appropriately. Keep in mind though, its important to learn in every type of wind nature gives us.
  • The Bay Area has a general wind window or wind season of end of March through September. In this period of time you'll find the most days with ridable wind. During the winter/off season, the winds turn into storms fronted and followed by rain/storm systems that turn everything into a wild bronco ride. But once you become experienced you can ride in these winds and extend your kite season.
  • Choosing a school that teaches by boat will allow you to access to better wind and away from people and hazards. But these lessons usually cost more (consider fuel expenditures, tolls, etc)