AXIS 2019 Carbon Surf Foilboard 5'0"

Regular price $848.00

5'0" x 20" x 2.9" 41 litres

Lightweight carbon construction, bevels, plate compatible surf foilboards, with the latest design concepts. At 41 litres the AXIS Carbon Surf Foilboard 5'0" has plenty of volume, targeting beginners, intermediate and advanced riders on a multitude of conditions and styles. 

Curvy outline makes the 5'0" more forgiving when touching the water, while the bevels push the water away from the board during take off and harder carves. 

The adjustable plate mount system, works with all foils that have a plate, and you can mount the foil to your desired position based on your weight and level. 

This is a great shape which will work well as a pumping, tow in, wake, or prone surf foilboard.