Slingshot 2018 Fuel

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The Fuel’s Traditional-C profile and wide, squared-off wingtips deliver powerful performance, the best (and backstall-free) unhooked handling of any shape in the industry and gut-checking loops that travel deep through the window. Relaunching is made surprisingly easy by refined leading edge and wingtip geometry. Although tuned for freestyle-centric riding, the Fuel has respectable crossover performance. The Fuel was the foundation from which countless other kites were designed, and over the years it has been the catalyst that launched many of the world’s best riders into their careers.


    Unbridled C-kite power and performance
    The original Megaloop master
    Fine-tuned for freestyle/wakestyle and big air
    Unrivaled unhooked control with zero backstalling
    Bomber Slingshot construction built to take a beating
    Extensive black layout prevents UV damage
Package Includes:

    Fuel Kite
    Fuel Kite Backpack
    Bladder Repair Kit
    Quick-start Guide