AXIS 2019 Pump Foil Package - Standard Fuselage

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The AXIS Foils S-Series is by far the best performer on the market today. The engineering, the stiffness on each connection point and the strength of the design, outperforms any other surf/sup/downwind/pump/wake/wind/kite foil on the market. The S-Series front wings, rear wings and components are interchangeable. You can keep on adding different size masts, front wings, rear wings or fuselages as your style and skill level evolve. The modularity of the design, stiffness of each component and overall engineering make the AXIS S-Series the ultimate foil for any style of riding.

Foil Pumping is becoming its own foil discipline focusing on fitness and flat water riding. It's also an important skill to have for SUP, Downwind and Prone / Surf riding. We offer the following front wings for Pumping:

  • 1020mm (wingspan) carbon wing is the king of Pumping. No other wing offers the ease and speed of pumping as the AXIS 1020mm carbon wing. It's also great for small bumps SUP and Surf; stable and super easy to ride.
  • 920mm (wingspan) carbon wing is the allround workhorse in our wing collection. And as expected is a great pumping wing. 
  • 900mm (wingspan) carbon wing is a high performance, higher aspect front wing designed for speed. It takes a bit of effort to get it up and pumping, but when you do, you won't believe the speed and side to side carving. Ideal for wake thieving and pumping with speed.
  • 820mm (wingspan) carbon wing is smaller than the 1020 and 920 wings, but it could still pump well. 
  • 750mm (wingspan) carbon wing pumps well when already at speed, so it's a great surf wing with good pumping between sets.
  • 680mm (wingspan) carbon wing is probably too small for pumping, but we wouldn't be surprised if a smaller rider can make it work.

We offer the following rear wings for Pump Foiling:

    The AXIS Foils S-Series package includes the following: