Prolimit 2019 Vapor Barloc Hardshell Waist Harness

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Our new low profile-Hardback waist harness. The super stable molded hardback allows for a lower profile with the same support as a traditional harness. The molded EVA inside skin ensures comfort and the internal neoprene belt ensures grip and adjustablility. This model is fitted with our new BARLOC integrated bar system which is snag free and stable with no buckle attachment. The interlocking bar a mounting ladder allows for a super stable spreader bar and no external flapping straps.

PURE® is a patented 100% polypropylene material, which is fully recyclable. The extruded strands are woven and heat fused in a mold to form a matrix that offers excellent strength and stiffness. Containing no carbon it is friendly to the body and the environment. The material is 100% recyclable and is solvent resistant and stable. PURE® material has a high stiffness and low density (0.78 g/cm3; for comparison: Water is approx. 0,99 g/cm3) Therefore lighter than water and the PURE® material floats.
The friendly fibers in PURE® can not crack and splinter, and works with traditional stitched assembly without destroying stitching as seen on some competitors models.

Design and Mk5 plate:
The Vapor’s unique design means the harness stays where its meant to stay, regardless of load angle on  the spreader bar. We use the hardback in combo with our Mk 5 load plate to customize the stiffness, flex and shaping. The Mk 5 plate builds on our 3D ergo shaped plate design which has evolved over 20 years. The back section stays perfectly stable no matter how lit you are, and the side sections are perfectly shaped to grip the body without sliding, yet it flexes to change shape with the human body as it moves. The rib are is protected by the correct shape and flex, and is further cushioned by the neoprene soft-edge.

  • Heat molded 3D shaped
  • Internal neoprene high grip belt
  • PURE material outside construction
  • High power optimized outline profile
  • Patented BAR-LOC bar system
  • Molded slide-in barpad for no ride-up
  • Molded EVA inside skin
  • Internal load plate Mark V
  • MPL belt construction