Mystic 2020 Arch Flexshell Waist Harness

Regular price $199.99

This year, Mystic has launched a new model Waist Harness, the Mystic Arch Flexshell. Mystics flex-shell Waist Harness offers the advantages of a hardshell harness, but offers more freedom of movement during kitesurfing. The Arch has more flex than the Majestic (X), but is just a bit stiffer than the Warrior. The Arch is equipped with banana bar spreader bar and soft neoprene edges. Of course, the Mystic Arch 2020 has Mystic's HP system.

The Mystic Arch has the Battle Belt so that it stays in place. The 3D shaped interior fits well on your waist and ensures that the Arch will not slide up. The Mystic Arch 2020 is suitable for beginners and advanced kite surfers and comes in two different colors.

  • Flexshell, combines strength and support with maximum freedom of movement
  • 3D-molded exterior
  • Soft neoprene edges
  • Battlebelt waist closure
  • Flex covers
  • HP system
  • Load dispersing arc support
  • Multi hook | Banana bar included