Mystic 2017 Star 5/4 Fullsuit Wetsuit

Sale price $150.00 Regular price $215.95

Everyone has to start somewhere and this wetsuit is the perfect suit to get you going, this is our basic entry-level suit the Star. It's a great suit for a great price. It has flex panels in the most necessary areas; the armpits, sleeves and lower legs. This is the best quality starters wetsuit at a price that makes it accessible to beginning riders.

Technical features

• M-Flex (tri-span) 50%
• GBS (Glue Blind Stitched)
• Critical taping inside
• Double neck construction
• Overhead backup
• 4-way stretch kneepads
• Velcro ankle closure
• Key pocket
• Lining saver


Sold as is, no warranty. May have creases on neoprene.