Mystic 2016 Women's Dutches Waist Kite Harness

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Technical features
Specialized female shape
Extreme soft feel
Anatomical back support
Double power leash ring
Covered side part
Soft neoprene edges
Multi hook | Clickerbar 3.0 | 4 point fixation
Spreader protector
Battle belt waist closure
Covered side parts
The side parts of the harness are covered to prevent unwanted releases. The covering also provides a place for the remaining webbing strap to fold into.

Multi hook | Clickerbar 3.0 | 4 point fixation
The webbing of the four points system has four attachment points on the harness this creates a very strong connection with a lot of support. The four points systems spreads the loads evenly over the harness.

*Knife not included