Mystic 2010 Warrior Len10 Waist Harness

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While it's tough to improve the best waist harness on the market, the Mystic team found new ways to make the Mystic Warrior II 2010 Len10 even more comfortable.

New for the Mystic Warrior II 2010 Len10 harness are the softer/padded edges around the hip, the 2010 Clicker bar and the Len10 colors!

3D-Thermo Moulded Foam Interior and Exterior
3D Anatomical Backplate
Double Power Leash Ring
HP System Fix Including Spinning Buckle
Spreader Down System
Flex Edge
Kite Spreader
Spreader Protector
Battle Belt Waist Closure
Including HP System

The 2010 version of the warriorII LEN10 harness is even sicker now than ever before! Because this harness will push you towards pulling the same bigass megaloops as LEN10 does, we had to pull out everything we've got to make this harness as strong and reliable as possible. Doing the things LEN10 does, he needs a strong comfortable harness he can rely on for a full hundred percent. Triple stitching, heavy duty stainless steel, superstrong steel swivel, double power leash rings, specially designed spreader hook, every feature in this harness will make sure it will never let you down. Big megaloops!

The Mystic Warrior II 2010 LEN10 waist harness includes:

Redesigned spreader hook for easy unhooking
HP system with stainless steel swivel - never tangles your leash
Soft edges and specially designed Inner Thermo Mould create a soft feel and great traction, both on wetsuit and on bare skin
40mm webbing tightens the complete 3D anatomical backplate around your back when you tighten the spreader, for ultimate support and comfort


*Knife not included