Mystic 2010 Spike Waist Harness

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This is the second year for the Mystic Spike waist harness. The Mystic Spike harness has become the favorite to first time waist harness users who are looking for range of motion with the waist harness, but also a waist harness that won't ride up, and will be "cushy" and very comfortable.

Why would you want the Mystic Spike 2010 Waist Harness:
The Mystic Spike waist harness is an extremely comfortable harness. The Triple Padding construction and the Relax Edge Technology create a cushy and comfortable shell, while the Kinetic Back Support with the Spreader Down System and the non-slip interior make the harness to "hug" your lower back and not ride up. Finally, thermoformed harness interior makes the harness wrapping around the human body seamlessly.

Tons of other features make the Mystic Spike waist harness 2010 a great harness.

3D moulded foam interior
Double power leash ring
Spreader down system ‘Waist’
Kinetic back support
Relax edge technology
Small spreader protector
Battle belt waist closure
Triple padding construction
Internal force frame
Mystic 2010 Clicker bar

*Knife not included