Ensis Wing Surfer V2

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Ensis Wing V2

For Freeride, Wave, Freestyle Wing Surfing. 

This is the most powerful wing for the size on the market. The ENSIS is tight. No flopping trailing edge like most wings on the  market. Highest quality of building materials and craftsmanship. It's everything you would expect from a Swiss brand. 
Sizes run big. So the 2.5m is practically a 3m, the 3.5m is a 4m, the 4.5m is a 5m compared to other brands, the 5.2m is more like a 6m, and the ENSIS 6m is probably the most powerful wing you will ever want to use. When combined with the AXIS 1300 PNG front wing, you can ride in winds less than 10kts. 

We have tried almost every wing on the market. And we like the ENSIS wings more than any other. And we LOVE the positioning and style of the handles on the ENSIS. You can slide your hands to the exact position whether you want to push upwind, trim for less power, load up for a jump, or just get the maximum juice to get up on light winds. 


ENS!S Wing, high quality bag and Hand wrist leash

  • ENSIS Wings are for foilers who want to push boundaries in wing surfing. Your own and that of physics.
  • ENSIS Wings perform exactly the same in minimal winds as in storms: with maximum flight stability and optimal propulsion.

For first attempts up to the pro
The wing flies extremely stable, is light in the hand and has incredible power and propulsion to start, turn up and jump. Ideal for everyone, from the first discovery to the professional level.

Maximum performance in all winds
The unique design enables the perfect combination of stability, power and propulsion. Ideal for light winds to gusts of wind.
The canvas is stretched even without wind pressure, so that flutter is reduced and maximum control is guaranteed.

For freeride, wave and freestyle
Extreme propulsion, large, controllable power and maximum stability. These properties are combined with easy handling. This results in maximum fun in freeriding, riding waves and freestyling.

Perfectly placed handlesscreen-shot-2020-06-03-at-10.47.20-am.pngThe 4 handles are exactly where they need to be. 3 wide handles for the perfect placement of the hands and a narrow handle in the middle of the strut for the harness lines. For all windsurfers who don't want to do without a boom: thanks to the eyelet at the end of the strut, it can be easily installed.

Highest material quality, precise manufacturing. Swiss Engineering
Every quality piece was made with the highest quality. The wing is extremely robust and light.

Small package to take with you
The wing can be folded very small and easily carried in the bag.


Technical features:

 Robust, light canvas

Robust, light canvas
Tejin 3x3 fabric is used for the wing, the best material currently available on the market. The cloth from Japan combines rigidity and weight in the best ratio. Together with ENSIS Canopy, we were able to develop the robust, stiff, yet light ENSIS material concept.


Strong, comfortable handles

Strong, comfortable handles
The handles are made of highly resilient, plasticized and EVA fabric. They are stiff and still comfortable in the hands. Each handle is connected to the strut by a reinforcement wrapped around it. This distributes the strength to the whole strut and does not only concentrate on the connection point. ENSIS handles thus enable very direct wing control.

 Resistant front tube

Resistant front tube
The leading edge is reinforced in all connection segments and wing tips with particularly resilient material. These ENSIS reinforcements prevent chafing of the tubes and thus increase the life of the wings.

 The trailing edge is reinforced

Stable tear-off edge
The trailing edge is reinforced with a Dyneema tape and therefore much more resilient. This reduces flutter and ensures less wear.

 Fast one-pump system

Fast one-pump system
The max-flow valve and the double inflate / deflate valves enable quick inflation and deflation.

 Highest quality tube seams

Highest quality tube seams
The seams of the leading edge and the strut are offset with a layer of insignia. We use a highly resilient special thread from UK production for the seams. The ENSIS tubes are made for an extreme internal pressure of 9 to 11 psi. This enables the ENSIS Wing to have a maximum stable leading edge and strut.