AXIS 2019 K/S-Series Freeride Foil Mast 90cm

Regular price $125.00

Designed for the AXIS SUP/Surf Foil and AXIS Freeride Kite foil, the AXIS aluminium masts are stiff, strong, and ready for any use and conditions. We designed our masts for 2019 to give our SUP/Surf users a very direct feeling to their foil which is critical for SUP and Surf. We even sourced our own high quality aluminium and bought tons of it, to ensure we only have the highest quality raw materials for our foils.

The 90cm mast is the choice of big wave enthusiasts, when combined with the S-Series 680 front wing. It's also the choice of downwinder pros when competing in open ocean swell. The AXIS 90cm mast is the main size mast for wind foilers and kite foilers (K-Series), when they reach they are are not beginners any longer. 

Available in the following lengths:

    45cm (17.7 inches)
    60cm (23.6 inches)
    68cm (26.77 inches)
    75cm (29.5 inches)
    90cm (35.4 inches)
    105cm (41.3 inches)