AXIS 2019 Kink MV Foilboard

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For 2019 AXIS has a new collection of foil boards called the Minimal Volume (MV).

It’s truly revolutionary and unique. The AXIS MV foil boards leverage our proven twin tip construction with Paulownia wood core and carbon reinforcements on both top and bottom of the board. ABS rails strengthen the rails. The bottom of the board features foiling specific beveled rails, a wide carbon reinforcement in the middle of the board, and incredibly stiff construction for direct feel and foil response. This is not your beginner flexible wood board that flops around loosing it’s rocker like and flex while foiling. This is a high performance board, that gives you an incredibly direct feel under your feet, which is what you want when you are foiling.

The finish of the board has plush EVA foam covering the complete top deck of the board, with our signature circular graphics both on the top and bottom of the board. Construction photo of the bottom of the board shows what’s behind the beautiful graphics.
We make 3 different models on the AXIS Foil MV Collection.

Ride MV (145 x 45cm) 90mm Plate
Free MV (125 x 45cm) 90mm Plate
Kink MV (105 x 45cm) 90mm Plate

We chose 45cm width across all the models as we have found that it is an ideal all round width for both beginner / intermediate and freestylers alike.

The Kink MV is the smallest board of the collection, at 105cm x 45cm.
It's the ultimate strapless board for the intermediate / advanced riders who are looking for a low volume board which is stiff for direct feedback on the foil.

And for those riders who want to freestyle and big air jump, the AXIS Kink MV Foilboard offers both 2 and 3 strap configurations for each style of rider.


Fits AXIS Foils. Might not be compatible with other foil brands