AXIS 2015 Wooden Spud Surf Kiteboard

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The AXIS Spud (means potato in New Zealand)  is our specialist shape for anyone who does not live at the sideshore/crosshore turquoise firing surfbreak where you can see your kite through the clear lip while being barreled in the lovely tropical waters of never never land. That’s right, picture yourself making the most of small mushy onshore waves, surfing a lake, throwing down strapless airs, or racing sections for a bit of sideways slide hacks on small onshore mush!
The AXIS Spud started its life as the 5’0” model inspired by the Californian surfers and kitesurfers who revere this size and shape board when conditions are not perfect. AXIS team rider Alex Lewis-Hughes enjoyed the prototype board claiming its fun in crap conditions and began to work with shaper Adrian Roper to create 2 more sizes, the 5’3” and the 5’6”.
Like all AXIS surfboards, the Wooden Spud comes with the rear EVA footpad already mounted with the option for you to mount the pre-drilled front pad or wax if you like the direct feel of a surfboard. The Wooden Spud has a surfboard leash plug and can be ridden with straps also. These boards are suited for smaller waves up head height with good speed, loose turns, and great shape for throwing around on the wave or in the air.