Mystic 2018 Majestic Waist Harness

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Mystic has been able to build a harness similar to the Majestic X but at a price point that everyone can afford. The Majestic BCF is designed with a specific body mapping to create a stiff horizontal support. The roving glass fibers are constructed in multiple layers, specific fiber orientation allows the wings to flex diagonally. While the compression and impact resistance are higher, the weight stiffness ratio is slightly lower compared to carbon fibers.IV-foam Intelligent Viscoelastic foam really sets to your body shape, maximizes the comfort and helps the harness stay put.Soft neoprene edges prevents rash while riding on bare skin against the edges of the harness, and also creates a closer more comfortable fit. The battle belt waist closure makes sure the harness doesn't move around while riding and stops any unwanted discomfort. Finally the thermoformed EVA foam wraps around your waist and increases the grip on your waist. All these amazing features lead to a super comfortable harness that has amazing support!

  • Compatible with clickerbar 4.0 surf spreaderbar
  • Compatible with clickerbar 4.0 spreaderbar
  • 3D-molded foam interior and exterior
  • Soft neoprene edges
  • HP system included
  • Covered side parts
  • Key pocket
  • Battle belt waist closure
  • Bionic Core Frame
  • IV-foam