Mystic 2014 Artistic Waist Harness XS Only

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The 2014 Mystic Artistic waist harness is the choice for World Champion Youri Zoon.

Brand new for 2014, the Mystic Artistic is a new waist harness option for the freestyle minded kiters. Softer than the Warrior and Majestic, light weight, and with more range of motion. The Artistic is very comfortable to wear, and bends and follows every movement of your body.

New progressive graphics (Wood, Black/white, Zebra) and the addition of the high tech Low Torque Clickerbar 3.0 will undoubtedly make the 2014 Mystic Artistic waist harness a favorite among the younger riders.

The 2014 Mystic Artistic will surprise you with how comfortable it feels on your first ride. Softer outline and edges, solid wrap around your back, and unbelievably comfortable.

The anatomical plate inside the back of the harness will support you, taking the shape of your lower back. Amazing support, tremendous comfort and all the features you could ever need on a harness. Check out the three different colors for 2014 and enjoy a very comfortable and performance oriented waist harness.

Soft neoprene edges
3D-moulded foam interior and exterior
Anatomical back support
Covered side parts
Spreader down system
Battle belt waist closure
Multi Clickerbar 3.0 / Low Torque fixation (2014)
Extreme soft feel
HP loop included
The 2014 Mystic Artistic waist harness comes complete with:
New Clicker Spreader Bar with integrated pad
Handlepass system on the back of the harness
Latest durable / lightweight materials

*Knife not included