AXIS 2019 S-Series 102 Foil

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The AXIS S-Series Foil is by far the best performer on the market today. The engineering on these foils, the stiffness on each connection point and the strength of the design, outperforms any other surf/sup/pump/wake foil on the market.

The S-Series front wings, rear wings and components are all interchangeable. You can keep on adding different size masts, front wings, rear wings or fuselages as your style and skill level evolve. 

The massive 1020mm Carbon front wing, together with the 500mm rear wing make an ideal foil for pumping, downwinders and small wave rides. No matter if you are pumping flat water pools, knee high bumps, or ride behind your wakeboat, the AXIS Foil S-Series 102 will do it all.

The package includes the following:

  • 1020mm front carbon wing (very strong and light), with its cover
  • 500mm Carbon rear wing, with its cover
  • Your choice of mast length - we recommend the 75cm 
  • Quick release base plate (just loosen the bolts to disconnect)
  • S-Series fuselage (3D CNCed anodized aluminium)
  • Stainless steel torx screwset & torx keys (strongest screwhead that won't strip)
  • Tef Gel anti-seize lubricant (a must have to prevent the aluminum parts from seizing)
  • Travel bag (fits all parts, but the front wing which has its own bag/cover)

Rig up your Moe 102 Hydrofoil to the AXIS Flying Dutchman