Mystic Shadow Waist Harness

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The Mystic Shadow waist harness continues another successful year, with the introduction of the 2013 model. The Mystic Shadow has always been the "slimmer" cousin of high performance Warrior III waist harness. While both harness models share the same back plate support, the Shadow has a narrower profile, designed for even more range of motion and aggressive riding. The Mystic Shadow is built with ultralight materials. It feels like a feather! Amazing. Slimmer or smaller riders will find themselves at home with the 2013 Mystic Shadow.

Features include a softer inner lining and softer outline around the back, for even more comfort, as well as additional padding on the inside of the harness that touches the hip area. Finally the 2013 Mystic Clicker Bar 3.0  comes standard with every 2013 Shadow harness.

In 2013 Mystic has also released the signature model for Youri Zoon and is now in stock at . If you are looking for maximum mobility waist harness with tons of support, and ultra light materials look not further. The 2013 Mystic Shadow comes complete with: spreader bar, spreader pad, safety knife and safety leash on the back of the harness.

The Mystic Shadow waist harness features all Ultralight materials, with performance and comfort in mind.

Aggressively cut outline creates more support and range of motion.

The Mystic Shadow waist harness comes complete with:

Clicker Bar 3.0, including integrated spreader pad.
HP Safety Leash system
Ultralight materials