Mystic 2012 Warrior III Waist Harness

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"Mystic Warrior III waist harness - the best selling waist harness worldwide"
For those of you who know the Mystic Warrior III waist harness, you will see a few additions to the 2012 model that will make you very happy. For the kiters who haven't seen the Mystic Warrior III yet, well you are up for a pleasant surprise:

The 2012 Mystic Warrior III will surprise you with how comfortable it feels right off the shelve. Even smoother outline and edges, better wrap around your back, and unbelievably comfortable. 

The anatomical plate inside the back of the harness will support you, taking the shape of your lower back. Amazing support, tremendous comfort and all the features you could ever need on a harness. Check out the new colors for 2012 and enjoy the most comfortable and high performing harness on the market.

No knife included, all sales final, no returns.